4 Day Challenge.

So I’ve decided to eat clean for four days with my husband. I talk about how hard it is lots of time and one of the hardest parts of eating healthy is having other people in the house eat unhealthy. So instead I convince my husband to join me in hopes that him doing it with me will help. I tell you what, I haven’t had as much color in my fridge since I did my juicing cleanse. 

One of the biggest reasons I’m doing this is because a friend of mine had a group for a 5 days of eating clean. The results were amazing. As a group total, they lost almost 30 lbs in 5 days. How crazy is that? They reported about feeling better and having more energy. It really gets you to think. So I thought, ” Hey I could totally do something similar to that, but maybe I should get my husband on board so it’s easier.” Well my love hesitated for he loves his processed foods, but he agreed knowing how much it meant to me. 

If you want to clean eat but have a hard because of family, ask them if they would be up for a 3 day or 7 day long try to eat healthy. The worst they can say is no. Everyone has to start somewhere. 

Remember only you can truly change if you want. Making excuses will only show that you do not truly want it. IF you want that change. Go for that change!!!!



Until Sunday: YOU CAN DO THIS!!


Part Two: Tag Chaser.

I apologize that this is late. Yesterday I was pretending I had a life at a friends. 

This is part two from the post last week. So how does a Dependapotamus get to where they are…. First they start as tag chasers. These are the women won’t be with you unless your paygrade is an E5 or higher. Some see a tag chaser as someone who goes after people in uniform. But I think of it as the someone who is after the money, only because I know I’m attracted to a man in uniform but I don’t care for what he makes haha. 

Dependapotamus make me so mad. I just cant see how someone can only be with their spouse for the money, benefits, and whatever else. I can’t stand people who cheat. These men are willing to give their lives for our freedom. They deserve women who will stand by their side no matter what. 

When I got married to my soldier, I swear to stand faithfully by his side through thick and thin, sickness and in health, through everything that comes our way. That means through his two to three weeks out in the field training, to if he gets deployed, through any fights we have to all the love and laughter we share when we are together. All without out cheating or using him. 

Dependapotmus is the women you should avoid! If a woman asks for your paygrade, ask why it matters. Don’t just assume that because a woman likes a man in uniform is a tagchaser. You need to pay attention to the women who care about your paycheck. 

These women made the rest of the military wives look bad…. 



Clean Eating???? Whaaaaa??

From my journey to getting fit, I always heard I have to eat clean and exercise. But for a long time I was confused on what eating clean was. Well for those who don’t know; it’s when you eat foods as close to it’s natural state as possible. Sounds simple right? WRONG! We live in a society where it’s harder to eat clean. There is so much processed food that it gets us addicted. 

I’ll admit clean eating is the hardest part for my fitness journey…. I still don’t eat completely clean. It’s harder to do so when you live with someone or people, who eat a lot of processed foods. I’m still trying to work through that bit. 

A bit of tips for the beginner clean eater: 
-Frozen veggies are better than canned.

– Try to limit your processed food.

– Water is the best way to hydrate yourself.

– Avoid using sweeteners like Splendia. Use honey as a sweetener!

– Watch the salt. A lot of foods have enough sodium in them that more salt wouldn’t be good for you.

– Choose whole grains! 

– Try to cut down on your meat. By this, I mean, try to have a smaller amount of meat in your meal.

– Eat more fruits! Make sure to wash them as well.


Even I’m trying to learn how to eat clean. You can’t out work a bad diet. If you have been eating clean, what are some tips you can share?? If you are just starting then what are your worries? 

Recently on my facebook and my instagram I shared a picture of my before and after. I’ve decided to share it here for my wonderful followers.

It may not be much but it’s something. The time is going to past whether or not I do something. Slow progress is better than no progress. 

Until Next Sunday!!!! Keep Going!!


Small Beginnings

Last week I talked about small victories. But how do you even get to the small victories if you have no clue where to start? The small beginnings. The best way to start your way to a healthy is to start small. Everyone has has to start somewhere. 

Where I started was I switch from white to wheat bread, from regular milk to almond milk, so on. Instead of focusing on what you have to take out of your diet, focus on adding to it and making small switches. Now that’s for food. We still have to talk about exercise. 

Starting small can even go for working out. Walking for 30 to 45 mins is a great way to start. You can even take your dog with you. If your pup is anything like mine then you’ll get a bit more of a work out with them. After a while of walking, maybe start running for a min walking for two during your 30 mins. Then when you are used to doing that run for two walk for one. 

Everyone needs to start somewhere. The fact of the matter is, time will past no matter what, so to start small and slowly build up will help you even if it seems to take forever. Even I’m still learning. I still have have times where I don’t get healthy or I don’t work out. But I know that the majority of my work will pay off in time. So don’t give up and keep making changes to save your life. 




Small Victories

Progress:growth or development; continuous improvement.

Majority of the time people focus on how slow their process is and not how far they have come. This is a reason many people just give up. They get frustrated that the weight isn’t gone just over night. I know, I’ve felt this way many times and I know I will feel this way again. However, I try to focus on the small victories that show me my hard work is worth it. 

March 7th was my anniversary. During this time my husband and I had a lot of fatty food. No guilt or regrets here. We visited my husband’s family as well. His aunt took one look at me and told me how great I looked from my weight loss. This is a small victory. Someone, doesn’t matter who, that notices your hard work makes it so much worth while. 

Another small victory that is a bit of an annoyance as well, is the fact I’m now in between sizes for my jeans. My jeans I got with the weight gain is now so loose whereas my jeans from before I gained weight will fit but are still on the tight side. 

The scale won’t always show you your hard work, those hours in the gym, all the healthy food you picked over your favorite. It won’t always make you happy to step on it. That’s why when you are trying so hard to become fit, you should look for the small things. 

The thing to remember is slow progress is better than no progress. No matter how slow the progress is, you are still going farther than those who are just sitting on their butt, eating fast food, while watching tv or playing video games. 


Until Next Sunday: Remember; the time will pass no matter what. Where do you want to be in the future?




So Week two of my insanity is out of the way. This week was hard for me. I really didn’t want to get up and do what I needed to do. However, I put my big girl pants on and went for it. 

The hardest part of losing weight or getting fit is Motivation. Everyone blames on the lack of motivation for why they can’t do it…. Motivation is a jerk. It will never stay by your side. Determination will. When I have no motivation, I just look at why I am trying to lose weight and getting fit. What would make me more happy: My excuses or My reasons?
It gets frustrating when my progress is so slow but I know by next month I will wish I would have started when I first thought about it. 
My health is way more important just wanting to sit on the couch and eat pizza. My future with my husband is more important then eating everything I want. 

A few of you know this; my one year anniversary is on Friday. My husband is one of the biggest reasons I have been trying so hard to get fit. I want to have another 60 years with my husband. The only way I can do that is by being as healthy as I can be and helping him be as healthy as he can be. Plus I want him to have some arm candy 😉

No matter what your reasons are for getting healthy or losing weight, you have to keep them in mind because you won’t always have motivation to work out and eat right. 

Until next Sunday; Don’t give up!



Insanity Week One Down!


Tuesday, I wrote telling everyone I had started the Insanity Challenge which is 60 days. So Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I worked out. I worked out even when I got sick. However, Saturday, which was day 5, I got really sick to where I had no energy to do anything. I listened to my body and relax. Today was a relaxing day, though I feel better, I didn’t work out today for the  fact that I have been so sick and can use this rest day to, well, rest. Tomorrow, I’ll kick things back in gear and start day seven of my challenge.  

Now on Wednesday, I joined an instagram friend in a 100 day challenge. This 100 day challenge is to change my body for the better the best I can. I’m really excited to be doing this challenge as well. This is helping me eat a lot better. If you would like to do something similar feel free to ask me about it!

Most days, I’ve started having either a banana and peanut butter sandwich or oatmeal with some fruit in it for breakfast. For lunch I try having a ham sandwich with lite mayo and mustard both under the serving amount. Then for dinner I’ll have whatever I’m feeling up to cooking. One night I have chicken and veggies, another I had a salad with shrimp on it and lemon juice as a dressing. I’ve been drinking either water or some herbal tea to help my sore throat. 

Trying for a healthy life is hard. Some days I really don’t want to work out and other days I want junk food. But after awhile, it will become second nature. I’m just not there yet. 

I want to ask my follower to answer these either on my facebook or on here:
What are your reasons to get healthy?
What do you hope to achieve?
What can I do to help you achieve it?

Until next Sunday! Remember, All you have to do is to take that first step.